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IMPORTANT: Please be careful of the fake Facebook accounts gendut.siji.5 because when you search my name in Google, this account always appear in the first place with base locale ne-np (Nepal). I create this Facebook account ditaajipratama to mark that this is the original one.

There is impostor among us. When you search my name on a search engine. Make sure that it is the real me. “Aji” is a common name, but when you have a boy and name it with a girl name in the first name and add a middle name with a boy name will make it unique. You will see many people that had a name like “Aji Pratama” but not for “Dita Aji Pratama”.

gendut.siji.5 facebook account is super annoying impostor. You will see this account as “Dita Aji Pratama” in the first place of search engine when you search my name. I need some help, please report it when you have a Facebook account, and don’t click it from Google result. Facebook Community Standards is sucks!